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POWER MIG® 360MP Multi-Process Welder

POWER MIG® 360MP Multi-Process Welder

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POWER MIG® 360MP welder delivers more welding processes including MIG, Pulsed, Flux-Cored, Stick, and TIG

Features & Benefits

More than just a MIG machine, the POWER MIG®360MP is a professional grade multi-process welding solution for you. This machine is capable of Stick, TIG, MIG and Flux-Cored welding, and is packed with advanced features such as MIG and TIG Pulse Welding, Ready Set Weld quick set up, ArcFX technology and Memory Capability. All of these features are communicated through an easy to use, highly visible, 7 Inch color display.

7-Inch Color Display- Enhances communication with the operator

Multi-Process Capable- Welds MIG, flux-cored, stick, TIG, pulsed MIG, and advanced processes like Pulse-On-Pulse®and Power Mode®.

Aluminum Pulse Process- Welds 4XXX and 5XXX series aluminum for superior quality welding.

Pulse-on-Pulse®- Delivers a stacked dime appearance when welding aluminum.

Power Mode®- Maintains a stable, smooth arc for short arc welding on steel.

Synergic Control- Set weld procedures with one control.

MIG, Pulsed, Flux-Cored, Stick, TIG
Input Power
Input Current
Rated Output
Cored Wire Diameter
.035 - .045 in. (0.9 - 1.2 mm)
Solid Wire Diameter
.025 - .035 in. (0.6 - 0.9 mm)
MIG Wire Feed Speed Range
50 - 700 in. (1.3 - 17.8 m)
18in x 37.3in x 40.4in (457.2mm x 947.42mm x 1026.16mm)
311lbs. (141.07kg)
  • Magnum®PRO Curve300 Gun 15 ft. (4.5 m)
  • .035/.045 in. (0.9/1.2 mm) Drive Rolls and Guide for Steel,
  • Gas Regulator and Hose
  • Work Clamp and Cable
  • 230V Input Cord and Plug
  • 115V AC Auxiliary Power Receptacle
  • Storage Compartment
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