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Precision TIG® 275 TIG Welder

Precision TIG® 275 TIG Welder

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Precision TIG 275 welder for TIG and stick delivers starting and welding at low amperages and improved AC alumunum welding performance.

Features & Benefits

The Precision TIG® 275 is a versatile shop machine ideal for any type of TIG or Stick welding maintenance application, including the use of 5/32-in. (4.0 mm) stick electrode. The Precision TIG 275 features the patented Micro-Start™ II Technology, which enhances starting and arc stability, and provides for more precise welds and crater fills.


Simplicity through technology

AC Auto Balance® automatically provides for the optimal mix of cleaning and penetration for welding on aluminum. Or, take full control - adjust the AC Balance® to increase or decrease cleaning action or penetration on aluminum.

Advanced Pulse Control panel (Optional on the Precision TIG 275)

Upgrade with the Advanced Control Panel to include the TIG pulser to minimize material distortion from excessive heat input. The TIG pulser can also help moderate filler metal deposition for consistent bead appearance.

Wide output range

Tackle either end of the material thickness spectrum with an amperage range of 2 to 340 amps

Side-mounted torch holder and connections

Enables simple cable management and protection, and a place for your torch when not in use.

Stick, TIG
Input Power
Input Current
40% Duty Cycle: 104/94/47A60% Duty Cycle: 86/78/39A
Output Range
Max OCV: 75V2-340A DC2-340A AC
Rated Output
22in x 31in x 26in (559mm x 787mm x 660mm)
397lbs. (180.079kg)
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