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Swift M Mid-Drive Electric Bike

Swift M Mid-Drive Electric Bike

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Swift Frame
Lightweight, strong, and stylish – the completely new Swift Frame design. Perfect for urban and trail adventures, it offers superior performance and a sleek look, blending durability with contemporary elegance for an unmatched riding experience.
Mid-Drive with Torque Sensor
Powerful 500W mid-drive motor equipped with torque sensors allows for greater torque output compared to traditional hub motors of the same power, significantly enhancing your riding experience with superior performance and efficiency.
Fenders and Rack
Equipped with standard aluminum mudguards and a rear rack, saving you the hassle of extra purchases. Expertly designed to handle wet terrain and meet your cargo-carrying needs, these features ensure a comfortable, practical ride in any condition.

LED front and tail lights

Ensure your safety while riding in dark conditions, giving you confidence and security on all your nighttime journeys.

Shimano Hydraulic Brake System

Ensures confident control for various riding scenarios and prioritizes your safety on every journey.

Shimano 8-Speed Transmission

Combined with the mid-drive motor, it unleashes tremendous torque, providing a powerful and dynamic riding experience.

Split-Type Control Dashboard

This ergonomic design aligns perfectly with user habits for an enhanced riding experience.

LG Cell Battery

While maintaining high energy storage, its reduced size ensures an elegant, streamlined look without compromising on performance and safety.

High-Performance Hydraulic Front Fork

Designed for versatility, it ensures a smooth and controlled ride across diverse landscapes, enhancing your cycling experience.

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